Kiki Kokí: The Enchanted Legend of the Coquí Frog


Book Information
Rating: Outstanding
Reading/Interest Level: Primary
Author: Ed Rodríguez
Publisher: Roaring Brook Press
Year: 2015
ISBN: 9781626721043
Pages: 40

Kiki Kokí is a Taíno Indian boy who loves to have fun rather than help with chores. But when his laziness excludes him from the moon festival, Kiki Kokí angrily storms off into the forest. Suddenly, a huge storm blows in and sweeps the boy away in the river. Kiki Kokí is rescued by two frogs and realizes that the moon goddess has turned him into a coquí frog. A lizard enchantress tells him that if he lives with the frogs for thirty days and learns to be a good helper, then the moon goddess will turn him back into a boy. Before he turns human again, Kiki Kokí saves the frog village from pirates and is then washed ashore. When he wakes up, Kiki Kokí realizes he is human again! He returns to the village where he continues to be a good helper to his tribe. The frogs, however, have no idea where he went, and to this day you can hear them searching for him calling, “Kiki Kokí, Kiki Kokí!”

Full of adorable pictures and highlighting a fun adventure, Kiki Kokí: The Enchanted Legend of the Coquí Frog is a delightful book that everyone will enjoy. The story is set in Puerto Rico, where the Taíno Indians and coquí frogs make their home. The story itself is written in Spanish and adapted for younger readers. This book would be a great addition to a lesson about Puerto Rico and their indigenous wild life or legends. This particular legend seeks to explain the unique call of the coquí frog. With bright and colorful illustrations that are sure to draw the children’s attention, this book is bound to entertain. The story also teaches readers to be good helpers and look for ways to help those around them. Perfect for elementary classrooms or at home reading, this book is a wonderful addition to your library.