Kiss of the Spindle

Kiss of the Spindle.jpg

Book Information
Rating: Outstanding
Reading/Interest Level: Young Adult
Author: Nancy Campbell Allen
Publisher: Shadow Mountain
Year: 2018
ISBN: 9781629724140
Pages: 368

Doctor Isla Cooper is cursed to sleep as though dead from midnight to six in the morning. The curse affects her job, especially since she is supposed to work at night. Unfortunately, time is running out before the curse becomes permanent. She discovers the witch who cursed her is across the sea and must travel there immediately. She meets Captain Daniel Pickett on his ship and there is an undeniable attraction, but she doesn't want to tie him down with her problems. Daniel insists on helping her no matter what, and with the help of four other passengers, he is able to reverse the curse just in time with a kiss of true love.

The detail in this book is very sensory. The strength Isla is shown having is incredible. She is portrayed as someone that can do anything. The compassion and kindness she shows is amazing as well. There is also shown her fear of what she is feeling when the curse takes hold. Daniel’s description is well written as well, including his jealousy of any man getting too close to Isla and his more emotional feelings of losing her. Allen does well in this steampunk retelling of Sleeping Beauty. She has all the elements that everyone loves and had come to know, but adds a few other details that bring a surprising element to the story. The characters are relatable in their feelings of loving and wanting to be loved, their fears and emotions, and their learning to become friends with those who would normally be seen as enemies.

*Contains moderate sexual content and mild violence.