Let's Talk About Love

Book Information
Rating: Dependable
Reading/Interest Level: Young Adult
Author: Claire Kann
Publisher: Swoon Reads
Year: 2018
ISBN: 9781250136121
Pages: 281

Alice has always known she is different from her peers. While all of them are eager to have a relationship, Alice is terrified because she identifies as asexual. Since starting college, Alice has had relationships, but each end in heartbreak. Then she meets Takumi. She likes him from the moment she meets him, and they become fast friends. He is the one who helps her when her best friend won't talk to her and when her parents withdraw financial support because she does not want to be a lawyer. Eventually, Alice and Takumi feel more than friendship, and Alice tells him her guarded secret. Even though he is shocked, Takumi knows he loves her and vows to make their relationship work at all costs. Alice learns that there are some people you can trust with your secret and your heart.

Let's Talk About Love is an exploration in sexuality, identity, love, and friendship. Kann does a remarkable job of bringing asexuality to light and building a main character that many young adults can relate to, whether they are struggling with their sexuality or not. Kann writes very relatable characters, but they tend to be quite static. Alice never tells her parents about her sexuality and starts the novel as a passive, indecisive character, unfortunately ending that way also. One of the major conflicts in the book is a fight Alice has with her best friend, and while it begins as compelling, the two do not speak to each other for more than half of the book and one of the vital relationships in the story is mute. While this book is a breakthrough for discussion about sexuality, the overall novel is static and uninspiring because of the flat characters.

*Contains moderate sexuality and strong language.