Letters with Pooh

App Information
Rating: Excellent
Interest Level: Toddler, Preschool
Devices Used: iPad Mini 2
Platforms Available: Apple
Developer: Disney
Version/Update: Version 1.5
Category: Preschool Games

Winnie the Pooh and his friends take the lead in this app for preschool children. The goal of Letters with Pooh is to teach tracing and recognizing letters. This is accomplished by tracing activities and matching letter games. The activities are interlaced with interactive video clips of Winnie the Pooh and his friends on quests for honey and letters. Within the app is also a parent section that is able to be accessed only by readers. The parent section allows you to add accounts for up to 4 children. There you can also change the difficulty, check your child’s progress, receive information on how to use the app, and get tips on how to reinforce teaching letters.

The simplicity of this app makes it very preschool friendly. Children who already love the Winnie the Pooh characters will not be disappointed. The videos are of great quality and the app works well with little fingers. The children are able to earn stickers for a job well done and make scenes with them that they are then able to save on their account. The security to get into the parent section makes it nice so the children do not get lost on the app. The teaching is sequential so the children get to start on easier letters and work their way to harder ones. There is not much content, but what there is is high quality. It’s an app that reinforces learning and is entertaining enough for the children to want to play it over and over again.