Lola and I

Book Information
Rating: Outstanding
Reading/Interest Level: Primary
Author: Chiara Valentina Segré
Illustrator: Paolo Domeniconi
Publisher: Fitzhenry & Whiteside
Year: 2015
ISBN: 97815545539631
Pages:  30

Lola and I is the story of a girl and her relationship with her dog. The narrator meets Lola, who is lonely and ill, in the countryside and loves her right away. They move into town together, which presents some challenges. Lola is very sad and prefers to stay inside all day. The narrator eventually coaxes her out for walks. Soon they start walking every day and Lola conquers her fear step by step. They enjoy many activities together depending on the season. In the end, the narrator reveals that she is Lola’s dog, and that Lola lost her eyesight in a car accident when she was twelve years old.

This book is an amazing insight into the world of the visually impaired. The reader is lead to believe through most of the book that the narrator is the girl, and that Lola is her dog. She describes how timid and scared Lola was of everything and how the narrator has to slowly coax her to leave the house, but soon they are going on all sorts of adventures and doing everything together. By the end the reader understands that Lola is actually the girl, who is blind, and that the narrator is her dog, Star. Experiencing the story through Star’s point-of-view allows the reader to gain a unique perspective on the difficulties that Lola struggles with, and how she has to work hard in order to be slowly accustomed to living life as she had before the car accident that left her blind. This book is a wonderful promotion of understanding.