Lola's Fandango

Lola's Fandango.jpg

Book Information
Rating: Excellent
Reading/Interest Level: Primary
Author: Anna Witte
Illustrator: Micha Archer
Publisher: Barefoot Books
Year: 2011
ISBN: 9781846866814
Pages: 32

Lola’s older sister, Clementina, is everything Lola wishes she could be. Why can’t Lola be as interesting as Clementina? One day, Lola finds a pair of her mother’s flamenco shoes and asks her father to teach her how to dance. Agreeing to teach her, her father and Lola have secret dance lessons on the roof of their apartment complex. Lola practices everywhere and even hears the rhythm of the dance in her dreams. When her mother’s birthday celebration arrives, Lola is ready to show her mother her newfound love for flamenco dancing. 

It is sometimes difficult for a younger sibling to feel like they are in the shadow of their older brother or sister. Lola experiences that frustration and turns it into something positive. It gives her the motivation to develop a beautiful hobby. There is so much life and passion in the characters that you can almost see them practicing on the roof. The illustrations are endearing and are in a collage format. The book comes with a story time CD included. The audio really increases the enjoyment of the book as it helps with the rhythm. Lola’s Fandango is an Ezra Jack Keats Honor book. This is a story full of duende; spirit.