Lost in the Sun

Book Information
Rating: Dependable
Reading/Interest Level: Intermediate
Author: Lisa Graff
Publisher: Philomel Books
Year: 2015
ISBN: 9780399164064
Pages: 304

Trent’s world is shattered when he accidentally kills a kick with a hockey puck because of the kid’s previously unknown health-conditions. Even months after the accident, Trent feels alone and can’t handle playing sports anymore. His one connection to people his age after he quits sports is his new friend, Fallon. They watch movies together and she tries to convince him to draw the different stories about her mysterious scar, but she won’t tell him how she actually got it. Trent struggles with his dad, his family, his temper, and school as he tries to figure out how to cope with what happened to him.

At its heart, Lost in the Sun is about a kid who is hurting and needs people to help him deal with that. Sometimes his parents’ responses to their son is discouraging, but the way one of his teachers is willing to help him put his life back together is encouraging. The book is emotional while the reader observes Trent making bad decisions because of how much he is hurting. The ending in many ways destroys some of the best parts of a book by pretending to explain a major issue that keeps returning in the book, but then cutting it off without an explanation. In spite of the ending, it is a great read because of the realistic characters showing how difficult it can be to deal with tragedy.