Lucy's Lovey

Book Information
Rating: Dependable
Reading/Interest Level: Preschool
Author: Betsy Devany
Illustrator: Christopher Denise
Publisher: Christy Ottaviano Books
Year: 2016
ISBN: 9781627791472
Pages: 40

Lucy loves all of her baby dolls, but she loves Smelly Baby the most. Lucy does everything with Smelly Baby, but this makes Smelly Baby very...smelly! Lucy holds Smelly Baby out the car window after her family complains about her smelling, but Smelly Baby's arm rips off and Smelly Baby is lost! They stop the car, but no one can find Smelly Baby. A few days later, a package arrives with Smelly Baby! But Smelly Baby isn't smelly anymore. Someone must have washed her before returning her, so Lucy has to give Smelly Baby extra attention to get her back to her smelly self.

The illustrations in Lucy's Lovey are very detailed, but also very soft. Each page is illustrated, the eye-catching pictures taking up one or two whole pages. The word count on each page varies from a single word to multiple paragraphs. The book would have flowed better if there had been less variation; some pages took much longer to read than others. The simple plot would have been more poignant and higher energy if the book had been shorter. Lucy's Lovey may have too many words and too many pages, but the illustrations on those pages are excellent. Overall, Lucy's Lovey is a decent book.