Meet My Family: Animal Babies and Their Families

Meet My Family Animal Babies and Their Families.jpg

Book Information
Rating: Dependable
Reading/Interest Level: Primary
Author: Laura Purdie Salas
Illustrator: Stephanie Fizer Coleman
Publisher: Millbrook Press
Year: 2018
ISBN: 9781512498639
Pages: 26

Meet My Family explores a large variety of baby animals and their families. Coleman's illustrations are the star of the show, as each baby animal and their parents are both interesting and adorable. While being both informative and entertaining in nature, the animals seem to have been chosen specifically to represent specific family dynamics. For example, raccoon's have never met their father, orangutans don't have a steady home, and Chinstrap Penguins have two dads.

A classroom of mixed family dynamics might find comfort in Meet My Family, while those who lean towards a traditional family might shy away from Salas's presentation. Salas utilizes foreign languages in her descriptions of animals that are appropriate to the location where those animals are found. Although introducing new words is interesting and educational, it can sometimes be confusing as to which family member Salas is referring to, as readers are unfamiliar with the terms. Meet My Family does an excellent job of catering to multiple age groups. When only the headers on each page are read, the words rhyme and go well for younger audiences. In addition, for older audiences, there is supplemental information underneath each header.