Michael Vey #6: Fall of Hades

Book Information
Rating: Dependable
Reading/Interest Level: Intermediate, Young Adult
Author: Richard Paul Evans
Publisher: Simon Pulse/Mercury Ink
Year: 2016
ISBN: 9781481469821
Pages: 352

Michael and his friends are to capture the Joule to cut off the Elgen’s money and power. Michael and the Electroclan go to Taiwan to rescue Hatch’s ex-right-hand man, Welch, who has extensive knowledge of Elgen protocol. They also rescue Tara, Torstyn, and Quentin, three of Hatch’s rogue electric children. Michael and the crew head to Hades, a newly rechristened island that hosts the Elgen’s main headquarters. But on the way, Gervaso’s friend betrays them and their plan is compromised. The team is able to make it to Hades and into the prison that dominates the island. They recruit the inmates, natives of the islands that Hatch has taken over, and the three Glows to battle against the Elgen. Michael and his friends manage to capture the Joule and drive the Elgen away, but at great cost: Gervaso’s dies. In the final moments of a terrible lightning storm, Michael harnesses the electricity from a bolt of lightning and disappears.

Richard Paul Evans’s electric series continues to excite and shock readers in this the penultimate installment. There is more action in this book than there was in the fifth book, which makes for a fast-paced read. Despite the action of the novel, the same routine of travel, stay in a hotel, eat, and sleep that the Electroclan follows over and over between action scenes is a bit rote. There’s still plenty of cheesy dialogue that actually manages to lighten the mood of this surprisingly heavy installment. The romance between Michael and Taylor becomes strained and even shatters for a moment in the book. But this tension felt like self-pity rather than tense tragedy, especially since it didn’t last more than a week or two. Despite these flaws, the writing is well done and the story itself is very exciting. The ending will leave readers in a bundle of anticipation as they nervously await the final book.

*Contains mild violence.