Miss Annie: Freedom!

Miss Annie Freedom.jpg

Book Information
Rating: Excellent
Reading/Interest Level: Primary
Author: Frank LeGall
Illustrator: Flore Balthazar
Publisher: Graphic Universe
Year: 2012
ISBN: 9780761378846
Pages: 40

Miss Annie is a five-month-old kitten with big dreams for the future. She lives in a house with master, mistress, and little mistress. She is happy in their home, and they take good care of her. Master, mistress, and little mistress try to keep Miss Annie out of trouble by closing doors, hiding yarn, and making sure she stays inside. But despite their efforts, Annie is drawn to the outdoors with trees to climb, mice to catch, and many things to see. One day Annie meets a friend that tells her the outside world is not all she believes it to be. Miss Annie will find out whether or not she is big enough to handle the outside adventures in this exciting graphic novel.

Miss Annie: Freedom! has content that is atypical of graphic novels, but the means of telling this story is refreshing. The story is told from the perspective of Annie, which adds some humor to the story. Although readers never see the faces of Annie's family, they do get to hear some of the dialogue (or attempted dialogue) between Annie and her human family. With some complex vocabulary, this graphic novel would be suitable for mid- to upper-elementary school students. They will enjoy reading the story of Annie as she ventures outdoors. As the first book in the series, Miss Annie: Freedom! lays the foundation for a delightful series of cat-featured graphic novels.