My Hero Academia Vol. 1 - Izuku Midoriya: Origin

My Hero Academia Vol. 1 - Izuku Midoriya Origin.jpg

Book Information
Rating: Excellent
Reading/Interest Level: Intermediate
Author: Kohei Horikoshi
Publisher: VIZ Media, LLC
Year: 2014
ISBN: 9781421582696
Pages: 189

A majority of the world population now has super powers (quirks), but Izuku Midoriya was born without a power. His lifelong dream is to be like the number one hero, All Might, and despite his lack of powers, Izuku hopes to enter his dream highschool, U.A. High School for heroes. Everything changes one day when he actually meets All Might. All Might originally tells Izuku that he can’t be a hero without a quirk. After seeing Izuku run up against a villain to save a friend, however, All Might changes his mind. He tells Izuku in confidence that he inherited his power. All Might's quirk is called “One for All” and is transferred to a new successor every generation. Each inheritor builds the quirk and develops its power before transferring it to a new inheritor. All Might realizes that Izuku is worthy to inherit One for All. The next few months are spent training so that Izuku can build his body enough to inherit the super strength power. Finally, he receives it on the morning of the entrance exam to U.A. High School. Although Izuku manages to get accepted, he still has a long road ahead to learn to control his new quirk without hurting himself.

My Hero Academia Vol. 1 by Kohei Horikoshi is the first installment in the series. This new manga is being compared with classics such as Naruto and One Piece. While this novel is great, it’s a far cry from these original classics. However, it does have the potential to become just as popular. This first installment is definitely softer than some of the heavier plot lines of other manga like Naruto or Bleach. With the exception of a minor villain causing havoc in the first third of the story, there is no obvious overarching antagonist. A large difference in this story is Izuku, who is a plain and wholesome character. He cries a lot, from sadness, fear, and happiness. This makes him an endearing character, since despite his fears, he jumps in to the fray, even though he will most likely be hurt. Another huge draw to this series is that an anime version is currently being televised and is well into the second season. The show has not caught up to the current manga story line yet, which is up to its ninth volume. The tenth volume will be released in November 2017.

*Contains mild violence and mild language