My Hero Academia Vol. 2

My Hero Academia Vol. 2.jpg

Book Information
Rating: Outstanding
Reading/Interest Level: Young Adult
Author: Kohei Horikoshi
Publisher: VIZ Media, LLC
Year: 2015
ISBN: 9781421582702
Pages: 208

The students are in their new hero costumes for battle, training with the hero All Might. When the media breaks into U.A. High School, the students go to a rescue training facility off campus, but the villains break in as soon as they arrive. They have come to kill All Might. The students are thrown into various disaster areas of the arena, and are left to fight different villains on their own. Midoriya, Mineta, and Tsuyu are left in the flood zone. Using each of their quirks (superpowers), they formulate a plan to defeat the villains in their zone. When Tsuyu is threatened, Midoriya attacks, using his quirk flawlessly. Unfortunately, the hit lands on a bioengineered villain named Nomu and makes no damage. At this point, All Might arrives.

This volume is significantly more engaging than the last because of the various battles. The last section of this volume is the most exciting, because real villains are involved. The last volume had no real antagonist to the story, whereas this volume introduces Tomura Shigaraki, the apparent leader of the league of villains. This volume is also interesting because the reader learns more about individuals in Midoriya’s class. Each student's quirk is developed in their struggle to use it correctly and with power against the villains. The reader comes to know and understand the characters' motivations for their behavior. With the strength of the character development and plot, this is a great second volume to the series.