Nancy Drew And Her Biggest Case Ever

Play Information
Rating: Outstanding
Reading/Interest Level: Primary, Intermediate, Young Adult
Author: Jeff Frank and John Maclay, original music by Willy Porter
Publisher: adapted for the stage by permission of Aladdin Paperbacks
Year: 2014
Pages: 92
Acts: 2
Estimated Runtime: 90 minutes
Number of Characters: 18
Cast Requirements: 6 men, 8 women, 4 either. Doubling possible
Time Period: 1930's
Production Requirements: Original production used movement specialists dressed in black to create scenery, props, and animals. Multiple locations throughout script - scenery and props can be realistic or stylized as desired. 1930's period costume.

“When kidnapped, I am often reminded that a sack over your head, a gag in your mouth, or rope around your wrists are anything but fashionable.” Detective Nancy Drew offers this and many other pearls of wisdom to the audience throughout Nancy Drew and Her Biggest Case Ever. This mystery as per usual features hidden doorways, kidnapping, a questionable will, supposed ghosts, and cut phone lines. Nancy works to help two recently orphaned girls who have doubts about their new guardian who is appropriately mysterious and brooding. In the course of her sleuthing Nancy discovers a treasure map, an imposter, an escaped criminal, and survives a kidnapping and boat bomb all to deliver the girls to their rightful guardian and restore their lost property.

The script pays homage to the stories and style of the original Nancy Drew books. Fans of the series will delight in the familiar, true to the original characters, plot lines, and dialogue including mention of some of the most popular books throughout. The script is self-contained enough though, that those audience members unfamiliar with the books will have no problem enjoying the show.The whole family will enjoy this production with its fast paced plot and snappy, often humorous dialogue while adults will receive extra little nuggets of nostalgia and fun throughout.