Ninja Claus

Ninja Claus.jpg

Book Information
Rating: Outstanding
Reading/Interest Level: Preschool, Primary
Author: Arree Chung
Illustrator: Arree Chung
Publisher: Henry Hold and Company
Year: 2017
ISBN: 9781627795524
Pages: 40

This year is going to be different, because last year, Maxwell forgot to stay up to see Santa. This year though, he has set up many traps for Santa in hopes to catch him. Maxwell and his family leave out the milk and cookies, and go to bed. Maxwell starts to hear noises, and he knows it must be Santa! Only, it was Brutus his dog. Then one of his traps goes off, this time Maxwell knows it must be Santa! Well, it wasn’t Santa but his Dad was sitting in the chair eating one of Santa’s cookies! Mom reminds him that Santa won’t come unless we’re all asleep. The next morning Maxwell got a letter from Santa telling him about how impressive his traps were. Maxwell didn’t get a rat eating snake but he got something even better!

This is such a fun book! As a reader you can really relate to this book, especially as a kid. Every year you try so hard to see Santa but you end up falling asleep or it’s something else that you find going on. In one of the boy's letters to Santa he asks if his sleigh runs on renewable energy. Santa answers him in a letter that say it runs on the spirit of Christmas which is like renewable energy. He didn’t get his rat eating snake but he got the confirmation that he should still believe in Christmas and in Santa Claus. The illustrations are a mix between a normal picture book and a graphic novel. You could use this with children to create Santa traps, which could be a great STEM activity, or to write a letter to Santa. Overall this book will keep those young readers engaged and give them some fun ideas.