Numbers With Nemo

App Information
Rating: Excellent
Interest Level: Toddler, Preschool
Devices Used: iPad Mini 2
Platforms Available: Apple
Developer: Disney
Version/Update: 1.5
Category: Preschool games

Nemo is having a party! The characters from Disney’s Finding Nemo are featured in an under the sea party aimed at teaching preschoolers numbers one through ten. Preschoolers will identify, count, trace, sequence, and match numbers. Children can record the numbers in their own voice and decorate interactive scenes with earned stickers. Mr. Ray, Nemo’s teacher, is the host and entertains the guests with songs. A secured parent section allows you to add accounts for up to four children that will track their progress. It also provides additional information on reinforcing learning at home. This animated app has been awarded a Parent’s Choice Award and 2014 Teacher’s Choice Award.

This game is an entertaining way to teach early numbers. The app is child friendly and easy to use. The parent section has a “reader’s only” lock so that the little ones don’t get lost on the app. Children will enjoy hearing the numbers read in their own voices. The limited content will not overwhelm the kids and still be fun. The teaching is successive; it starts with identification and tracing and ends with sequencing, which makes it a great teaching tool. The animation is not the same caliber as in the film Finding Nemo, but has a good quality and identical voices from the film. It is entertaining enough to keep the children wanting to play it again and again and educational enough that the parents will love it as well.