Odd or Even in a Monstrous Season

Odd or Even in a Monstrous Season.jpg

Book Information
Rating: Dependable
Reading/Interest Level: Primary
Author: Spencer Brinker
Publisher: Bearport Publishing Company, Inc.
Year: 2015
ISBN: 978167243315
Pages: 32

Elsie the Even and Onslow the Odd are monsters who are constantly sorting numbers. These monsters help young readers learn how to determine if a number is even or odd: if a number ends with zero, two, four, six, or eight, it’s even; if a number ends in one, three, five, seven, or nine, it’s odd! Another way to decide if a number is even or odd is to divide a number by two. If there is a remainder, or some left over, then the number is odd. Readers help Elsie and Onslow decide if each number or the number of objects is even or odd. Working with numbers is fun with these monsters!

Odd or Even in a Monstrous Season is a fun rhyming book that engages young children and their parents or educators in determining if numbers are even or odd. Although this book is cute and teaches an important concept, the second strategy it teaches for determining odd or even numbers is slightly developmentally inappropriate. Children who don’t know what “odd” and “even” mean will not know what “dividing by two” means. The questions that check for readers’ understanding are fun and engaging though. Readers will spend more than a minute or two on each page. Answers are provided upside-down and in small print on each page for adults to check.