Book Information
Rating: Outstanding
Reading/Interest Level: Toddler, Preschool, Primary
Author: Victoria Turnbill
Publisher: Clarion Books
Year: 2017
ISBN: 9780544947337
Pages: 32

Pandora lives alone in a place of forgotten things. She builds herself a lovely home and spends her days fixing broken and lost things. One day a bird falls from the sky, but Pandora isn’t sure how to fix him. She cares for the bird and nurses him back to health. As he gains strength, he brings back seeds and twigs from other places. But then the bird leaves and doesn’t come back. Pandora is heartbroken, but little by little the seeds grow until the place of forgotten things becomes covered in flowers and greenery. She hears her friend’s birdsong and is reunited in their new beautiful home.

The author presents a beautiful story of friendship, hope, and renewal as readers witness the transformation of the forgotten place into a place of color and nature. In the beginning of the story, Turnbill depicts the land of forgotten things as a grey wasteland of various modern, identifiable items that have been discarded. Pandora is a ray of hope and color as she spends her time repurposing and repairing broken toys and things. Her friendship with the bird may represent how the love and kindness we give is what we will receive in return. Turnbill presents a clear message of environmental awareness that a newer, greener earth can be created if we take the time to nourish a single seed.