Pocket Bios: Isaac Newton

Book Information
Rating: Excellent
Reading/Interest Level: Preschool, Primary
Author: Al Berenger
Publisher: Roaring Book Press
Year: 2018
ISBN: 9781250168795
Pages: 32

Young scientists, inventors and mathematicians, listen up! With Issac Newton narrating his own life, we learn that from a young age he loved dreaming up inventions. When he was just twenty-three-years old, he began his study of gravity after seeing an apple fall from a tree. In the meantime, he was teaching math and studying the night sky with a new type of telescope that he invented. As if these discoveries weren’t enough for one young mind, Isaac also experimented with light and learned how rainbows were formed. In addition to these scientific revelations, he invented a calculus, and zealously studied the bible. He finished his impressive life as a member of England’s parliament, and was even knighted by the Queen!

This Pocket Bio gives a good glimpse into the life of a very accomplished man. This is no easy task to do in so few pages. One drawback of covering so many of Newton’s discoveries is that the scientific concepts are not explained in a very thorough way; they are more summarized. This isn’t a problem if you view this book as it was intended, as a biography. It could easily spark a child’s interest in learning more about gravity, rainbows or astronomy. The illustrations in the book are bright, engaging, and help illustrate Isaac Newton’s scientific findings. Some of the best features of the book are found after the chronological story of Newton’s life; the book ends with a timeline, map highlighting important places in his life, related historical figures, and some additional “Did you Know?” facts to give even more fun information. This book would be a great read for young inquisitive minds everywhere.