Pocket Bios: Pocahontas

Pocket Bios Pocahontas.jpg

Book Information
Rating: Excellent
Reading/Interest Level: Primary
Author: Patricia Crété
Illustrator: Bruno Wnnagel, Mathieu Ferret, Nuno Alves Rodrigues, Aurélian Fernandez, Aurélie Verdon
Publisher: Roaring Book Press
Year: 2019
ISBN: 9781250168849
Pages: 28

Pocahontas of the Native American Powhatan tribe was born around 1595 in what is now Virginia. When Pocahontas was eleven years old, English men came and started a colony called Jamestown. Pocahontas was able to help the foreigners and her tribe communicate so they could borrow supplies and keep the peace. Unfortunately, that peace didn’t last forever. In 1610, there was a war between them and Pocahontas was kidnapped. While captive, she learned English and met a man named John Rolfe. Eventually she married him, which brought some peace in the land. After a life of promoting peace between her tribe and the English men, Pocahontas died in England.

This short book relates Pocahontas’s life in a way that young children can easily understand. The book is formatted with a heading and two to three short paragraphs on every other page, with an illustration on the opposite page. Written to be an exciting story, this informative narrative keeps the reader’s attention better than most history books. The text is simple and the illustrations are endearing. The Pocket Bios are a great way to get children interested in history. The book even has a timeline and a map at the end, which can be very helpful for visual learners. It also has illustrations and descriptions of significant people in Pocahontas’s story and a list of quick “did you know” facts.