Book Information
Rating: Excellent
Reading/Interest Level: Intermediate
Author: John David Anderson
Publisher: Walden Pond Press
Year: 2017
ISBN: 9780062338204
Pages: 365

Cell phones are forbidden. Not in class. Not in lockers. At home or in the office, but not at school. Period. Branton Middle School is now a cell-phone free zone and the principal means business. So what do kids do instead? They start posting sticky notes everywhere. On lockers. In the bathroom. On backpacks. On hands. On Desks. The sticky notes become a way for students to anonymously bully and belittle each other, leaving nasty remarks throughout the school. While all this is happening, a new girl, Rose, moves in and starts hanging out with our main characters: Frost, Wolf, Deedee, and Bench. Words start to tear friendships apart until finally they have to decide what’s more important--being popular or staying true to your tribe. 

A story of friendship, middle school drama, and the power of words, Posted is a message against bullying that will inspire readers to make a difference. Children need to be kind and to redefine the importance of being popular. What is the point of being well known if nobody likes you? At what point can friendship be sacrificed? How much does what people say affect one's behavior? Posted touches on many key subjects for kids trying to find their way in middle school. The setting is very important for this book, as much of what is happening depends on the fact that it is taking place in a middle school. Due to the setting, there is some language and crude humor. For much of the book the cruel and irresponsible words of the kids was written off as normal behavior. The drama was much too normalized; however, Anderson did use it to prove a point. The book was well written with good characterization. The characters are relatable and reach out to the moments when all have felt alone or mistreated. The book accomplished its purpose but the way that Anderson decided to do so are questionable.

*Contains medium language.