Potion Masters #2: The Transparency Tonic

Potion Masters The Transparency Tonic.jpg

Book Information
Rating: Excellent
Reading/Interest Level: Intermediate
Author: Frank L. Cole
Publisher: Shadow Mountain
Year: 2019
ISBN: 9781629724881
Pages: 384

Life has somewhat calmed down for Gordy and his friends since stopping Esmeralda from overthrowing B.R.E.W. (Board of Ruling Elixirists Worldwide). Because of his potion-mixing skills, Gordy is working on becoming an Elixirist. While concocting his potions, Gordy goes into a hypnotic state or “Blind Batching” and unknowingly creates some destructive brews. As a result, Gordy’s mother loses her job at B.R.E.W., and its Chamber President puts a warrant out for Gordy’s arrest. Meanwhile, Gordy’s grandfather, Mezzarix, teams up with a new evil order that wants to destroy B.R.E.W. and take the Vessel, a chalice that gives B.R.E.W its power. After B.R.E.W’s headquarters is annihilated by Mezzarix’s new gang, Gordy and his family leave to protect the Vessel. However, a friend in their ranks betrays everyone by joining Mezzarix and taking the Vessel. Fleeing with their lives, Gordy and his family go into hiding.

Cole’s second book in the Potion Master’s series is a thrilling read full of dilemmas and betrayals, but it is also a story about the power of consequences. All Gordy wants to do is hone his natural potion-making skills to become a master Elixirist. While trying to impress the snotty daughter of the new Chamber President by Blind Batching, his actions lead to disastrous consequences. Like many who are naturally gifted, Gordy’s decision to Blind Batch is two fold: to test his limits and gain acceptance from others. Even though Gordy is confident in his skills, it doesn’t mean he’s confident emotionally. Gordy’s closest friendships get sorely tested as he rises too quickly from exploiting his talents. Luckily, Gordy doesn’t fall too far from grace because the consequences of his actions directly affect his family. His unshakeable love for them and his friends’ loyalty help Gordy realign his priorities for using his gifts. This well-written and well-developed book will have readers anxiously anticipating Cole’s next book in his Potion Masters’ series.