Pyramid Hunters #2: Bones of the Sun God

Pyramid Hunters' Bones of the Sun God.jpg

Book Information
Rating: Significant Shortcomings
Reading/Interest Level: Intermediate, Young Adult
Author: Peter Vegas
Illustrator: Mohammad Aram; Peter Vegas
Publisher: Aladdin
Year: 2017
ISBN: 9781481445825
Pages: 416

After Sam’s experience in Egypt, he desperately wants to find his missing parents. Going against Jasper and secretly working with Mary, Sam travels to Belize, the last place Sam’s parents were seen. Once Sam arrives, his life is threatened by retired police superintendent, Felix Ramos. Ramos had helped Sam’s parents, but once they disappeared Ramos retired and built a crocodile-cult park, Xibalba. Sam is imprisoned in Xibalba where he meets Elio, a boy who assisted Sam’s parents. Elio helps Sam escape Xibalba and Sam, surprisingly, runs into Mary. The two friends dodge Ramos’s reach and follow clues to Sam’s parents’ last movements. Their investigation leads to the ancient temple complex, Lamanai, where Sam’s parents discovered an underground room built to hold an Ark of the Covenant. Ramos tries to thwart Sam, but Ramos is killed. The police catch Sam and police superintendent, Jerry, reveals he is a secret guardian over of the world-wide network of pyramids.

At the end of The Iron Tomb, Vegas hastily explains the basis of his series that the Egyptian pyramids were built for the Ark of the Covenant. This foundation flounders because the pyramids were ruins by the time the Ark of the Covenant came about. In Bones of the Sun God, Vegas opens with a Templar knight in a Mayan temple. The American continent wasn’t discovered till 1492, but Vegas has the Templar orders for that temple given in 1307. How would the Templar Knights even know about the American continent, let alone a specific temple pyramid in Belize? It feels like Vegas picks the most mysterious, religious events in history and forces them into a pyramid theme without any thought to the actual passage of time. Sam and Mary’s adventures are suspenseful and thrilling, but Vegas’s puzzling pyramid mythology does spoil the series.

*Contains moderate violence