Reign of Shadows

Book Information
Rating: Excellent
Reading/Interest Level: Young Adult
Author: Sophie Jordan
Publisher: HarperTeen
Year: 2016
ISBN: 9780062377647
Pages: 304

Confined in a tower surrounded by darkness, Luna dreams of exploring the a world unknown to her. The dark creatures roaming the forest don't sway her decision to leave the safety of her home to search beyond the walls. While out, Luna finds others trapped and awaiting their deaths at the hands of the Dwellers. Faced with the decision to help or return home, she chooses to help--a life-changing decision. Soon after meeting these strangers the tower is attacked and she is no longer safe. She then sets off on a journey with a young brooding archer named Fowler. Along their way the two face many obstacles and find themselves falling in love. They reach a hidden village and Luna is faced with another life altering decision. Feeling she has no other choice but to leave Fowler behind, she sets off to meet the evil king who had killed her parents 17 years ago. Fowler follows in pursuit trying to persuade her, but in the end it is not enough and they must face the consequence.

Reign of Shadows is fantasy made for mature readers who are still wanting a Once upon a time. Each page will capture young minds with love, suspense, and adventure. While it is a fantasy, it brings you to a darker world with a bit of supernatural/ post apocalypse. This book will make you jump as the star­crossed lovers Luna and Fowler fight for their lives in the forever darkness. The author Sophie Jordan has written a fast read, that draws you in from the beginning with character building and thrills. The book is easy to follow using alternating persons at each chapter boundary. The story builds quickly, revealing complications for this thrown together couple, while leading to a cliff­hanger ending. Perfect for the teen's ages 13+ wanting to find their own adventure.