Book Information
Rating: Excellent
Reading/Interest Level: Preschool
Author: Rodrigo Folgueira
Illustrator: Poly Bernatene
Publisher: Knopf
Year: 2013
ISBN: 9780307981462
Pages: 32

A comical pig with good intentions wants to fit in at the pond. The pig situates itself on a nice sized rock in the middle of the pond and issues a healthy, loud "Ribbit" over the pond. Frogs gather around and wonder what is going on with this unusual pig. Is he mocking them? Is he confused? What can he possibly mean by this outrageous behavior? Soon the entire wild population of animals have gathered around. Only the wise old beetle can solve this mystery. But by the time they have found the beetle and returned to the rock the mysterious pig has disappeared. What is the cheeping coming from a nearby tree? You guessed it, the pig is trying to make friends with the feathered.

This is a fun story but there is no depth to the friendly message. The chaos created by the animals trying to understand the genial porker will give readers a smile. But the story could have a better foundation for the pig's odd behavior and for his approach to making new friends. Readers are left a bit mystified by the behavior of all of the animals in the middle of the story and there is not a clear resolution to their dilemma. What gives this book an excellent rating are the illustrations. The proportions of the pig and the humor of the froggy bodies and facial expressions make it possible to enjoy the humor and the pictures without a strong story line. Make up your own story for the funny, funny pictures or add a few details of your own to flesh out the tale.