Right as Rain

Right as Rain.jpg

Book Information
Rating: Outstanding
Reading/Interest Level: Intermediate
Author: Lindsey Stoddard
Publisher: Harper
Year: 2019
ISBN: 9780062652942
Pages: 296

Rain knows the statistic: only one out of four marriages survives the death of a child. That’s why, when her mom announces they are moving from their house in Vermont to a tiny apartment in New York City, Rain says she’s okay with it. She knows fresh starts are good. But life in the big city is very different from what she’s used to, and her parents are reacting to grief in very different ways. As the one-year anniversary of her older brother’s death approaches, Rain tries to find a way to keep her parents together, all the while struggling to come to terms with her own grief and the secret she has buried deep inside.

This is a tender and compassionate novel about family, friendship, community, and grief. Rain is a lovable and relatable character, and her voice and personality feels authentic to a young preteen girl. The book takes readers on the journey through grief right alongside Rain. The minor characters are all wonderfully developed and full of their own backstories, which the reader gets the smallest glimpse of. Rain’s friendships with both kids her own age and adults who care about her teach her that it’s okay to grieve, but it’s also okay to open her heart. The book is full of heartbreaking emotion and beautiful prose. Get ready to cry and laugh as you read Right as Rain!

*Contains mild language.