Robot in Love

Robot in Love.jpg

Book Information
Rating: Excellent
Reading/Interest Level: Preschool
Author: T. L. McBeth
Illustrator: T. L. McBeth
Publisher: Godwin Books
Year: 2018
ISBN: 9781250185938
Pages: 31

Robot’s day is humming along as it normally does—until a beautiful stranger catches his eye and shorts his circuits. Robot is shy as can be and tries to get up the courage to speak to this lovely lady. He walks by their meeting spot, he thinks about her all day, and finally he is ready to go back again and say hello. But when he arrives, she has disappeared! Robot is first devastated, but then he hatches a plan. He searches until he finds her inside their meeting spot, and his love is finally revealed to be a shiny toaster! The two then enjoy a romantic escape and presumably live happily ever after.

Robot in Love is sure to delight preschoolers with its charming cartoon-style illustrations, embedded visual comedy, and a suspenseful search for Robot’s mystery woman. The final reveal of her being a toaster is goofy and endearing. This book utilizes a limited color pallet of mainly red, pink, and gray, but the bold cuteness of cartoon Robot and his romantic exploits utilizes it well. This book would make a quality one-on-one read aloud so that children can get a good look at the engaging illustrations of visually expressive, comical Robot. This book’s main value lies in its entertainment potential, as it lacks a definite moral or message, though it is definitely sweet, positive, and overall, heartwarming.