Robot Rumpus

Book Information
Rating: Dependable
Reading/Interest Level: Preschool
Author: Sean Taylor
Illustrator: Ross Collins
Publisher: Andersen Press
Year: 2013
ISBN: 9781467720311
Pages: 32

Because Mum and Dad are busy, they decide to buy robots to put their daughter to bed. At first, things work out. One of the robots makes spaghetti and another cleans up after dinner is over. However, when the Wash-bot tries to give her a bath and sees her alligator bath toy, the robot becomes convinced that the girl is in danger and starts a chain reaction of the robots getting confused and causing all kinds of problems. In the end, the girl has to put herself to bed and wait for her parents to come home to deal with the mess that the robots made.

For children who like robots this can be a great story to read. The meter and rhyme doesn’t always work right, which tends to distract from the lively, brightly-colored illustrations and the humorous events of the story. Even though the text can be off, older readers will enjoy the hidden gems in the illustrations and the idea of getting help with battling through bedtime routines, and younger readers will giggle at what the robots do when they’re not sure how to react to the situation they are in. Fans of robots will enjoy this bedtime story even though it’s not the easiest to read out loud.