Scaly Spotted Feathered Frilled: How Do We Know What Dinosaurs Really Looked Like?

Scaly Spotted Feathered Frilled.jpg

Book Information
Rating: Dependable
Reading/Interest Level: Primary, Intermediate
Author: Catherine Thimmesh
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Year: 2013
ISBN: 9780547991344
Pages: 57

What if dinosaurs didn’t look the way that we have always imagined them? Scientists are continually learning new information about dinosaurs and revising previously believed theories about the ways that dinosaurs lived and what they looked like. This book combines the work of paleontologists, paleobotanists, and especially paleoartists to delve into the evolving understanding of what dinosaurs looked like, including sizes, body shapes, the texture of their skin, and the relatively new idea that some dinosaurs had feathers.

Scaly Spotted Feathered Frilled fills a very narrow niche of one aspect of paleontology. For those seeking information in this specialized field, it is a rich source of information on the development of theories over time and on our current understanding of the subject. Enriched with sketches, illustrations, and photographs with detailed captions, the reader is able to achieve a good understanding of the information that is given. This would be a great book for a young and aspiring paleontologist or even for an adult who wants to learn more on the subject.