Website Information
Rating: Excellent
Interest Level: Toddler, Preschool, Primary
Subscription Fee: None

Sesame Street has been airing on national television since 1969 and is now available with the click of a mouse. The purpose of Sesame Street is to help children around the world grow smarter, stronger, and kinder. The website is designed for children featuring bright colors and large buttons made for them to be able to navigate on their own. features games, videos, arts, crafts and many more activities for preschoolers. There are games such as “spotting the difference” with Elmo or decorating a pizza with Cookie Monster. In addition to the diversions for children there is also an entire section dedicated to their parents. Animal charades, personalized letter books, and child-friendly recipes are just a few activity ideas that parents can use to interact with their children at home.

This website is very well designed for little people except for the fact that it does not have the capability to be turned full screen so that the children do not wander past the website. The lack of that feature makes it so parents do have to remain close by so the preschoolers do not surf the web. Videos sometimes have trouble loading on google chrome, but when used with Internet Explorer the videos load and play well. There is some content on the videos that may be a bit over the preschooler’s heads. For example, features a parody of the Avengers using vegetables as the main characters and using parallel lines from the movie which many preschoolers have not seen. That being said, it does make it more entertaining for the parents to watch along with their children. The website encourages learning, exercise, healthy eating, and social skills. It is a great resource for your preschooler.