Snared: Escape to the Above

Snared Escape to the Above.jpg

Book Information
Rating: Excellent
Reading/Interest Level: Primary, Intermediate
Author: Adam Jay Epstein
Publisher: Imprint
Year: 2018
ISBN: 9781250146922
Pages: 311

Wily is the trapmaster for Carrion tomb, where he works under the strict Stalag. His job is to take care of all the traps and monsters to prevent adventures from reaching the treasure hoard. But Wily is unlike the other hobgoblins in that he has an overwhelming desire to go see the Above—plus he may or may not be human. When adventurers make a deal with Stalag that involves taking Wily to the Above, his dream finally comes true. The world is ruled by the ruthless Infernal King, one that they must either fight or flee. In the end, good triumphs over evil, although many plans go awry before the kingdom can find peace.

Snared sucks readers into the story. Having Wily be a trapmaster and watching adventures fall into his traps is a refreshing way to begin reading. Wily stays in character throughout the plot, describing things in ways that only he would know. Examples of this are describing the picture of the sun like a golden octopus, or horses as hounds with hoofs. The writing is true to the characters and even their metaphors fit within the story and the background of the characters. As such, you don’t see the trite repetition of metaphors. The ending feels a bit rushed in comparison with the rest of the book, but still provides a satisfactory ending