Book Information
Rating: Outstanding
Reading/Interest Level: Preschool
Author: Jeanne Willis
Illustrator: Briony May Smith
Publisher: Nosy Cow
Year: 2019
ISBN: 9781536202656
Pages: 32

Little sisters can feel left out when they can't doing things quite as well as an older sibling. This little girl doesn't knit as well as her sister, she doesn't win the costume contest, and she can’t find her mother's wedding ring. Her sister is a star! Everyone says so each time she does something her little sister hasn't. Grandpa finds little sister outside being sad. He tells her how the universe began and how stardust makes up everything on earth, even a little girl who is still growing and learning. She tells us that even we are made of stardust, so all of us are stars in our own right.

This is a lovely book to help anyone who sometimes feels outshined feel better and learn to have patience. We all grow and this grandfather's story about the world and how we all share an equal amount of stardust sparkle is lovely and uplifting. The images that show the two interacting are especially tender. The colors are bright as the grandfather tells the story, and the colors are only dark when she is feeling down. This is a wonderful way to emphasize different parts of the story. The overall story is very simple, but the simplicity lends itself in a beautiful way to the power of the message. It is a great book and highly recommended to anyone who feels small in a very big world.