The 7D Mine Train

App Information
Rating: Excellent
Interest Level: Preschool, Primary
Devices Used: Moto G 2nd gen
Platforms Available: Apple, Android
Developer: Disney
Version/Update: 1
Category: Arcade Games

Based on the show “The 7D” on Disney XD, this game takes players into the world of the Seven Dwarfs on their exciting mine train tracks. Players can pick a dwarf, upgrade their carts, unlock special power ups to help avoid obstacles and complete the missions, and collect gems to be able to go on more adventures. Players can use in-app purchases to unlock the ability to start out with all seven dwarfs and to buy other items to enhance game play, but it is easy to play the game without spending any real money.

This addictive game is only available when it is connected to the internet, but this kind of fun arcade game could be enjoyed by all ages. The graphics, background music, dwarf introductions, and cart styles are all whimsical and fun for casual gameplay. People who are fans of the show will enjoy this game to help connect them to their TV friends, but people who are unfamiliar with the show will still be able to enjoy this fun game from the Disney company.

*In-App purchases are available.