The Arrow Finds Its Mark: A Book of Found Poems

Book Information
Rating: Excellent
Reading/Interest Level: Intermediate, Young Adult
Author: Georgia Heard
Illustrator: Antoine Guilloppe
Publisher: Roaring Brook Press
Year: 2012
ISBN: 9781596436657
Pages: 48

In this book, many poets have come together to create a collection of found poems. Found poems are a type of poetry where the words included in the poem have been found from another source. Taken from Facebook posts, book titles, the names of Vinvent van Gogh paintings, and more, these poems are witty, unique, and unlike anything you have read before. There are poems about birds, NBA nicknames, hardware stores, and other interesting topics. There is a pep talk from an Oxi Clean bottle that stands out as exceptionally clever. Well-organized and interesting, this book of forty poems is a great collection.

This poetry book is an enjoyable quick read. The poems can be read one at a time or all at once. They cover many different topics, which broadens the audience that will find this book appealing. Many of the poems are witty and engaging, but there are a few that fall flat. They flow awkwardly and seem more contrived than the others. However, overall the content is high quality and the poets have found interesting ways of organizing the words that they have found. The black-and-white illustrations aren't astounding, but they add another element to the poetry book and help keep the reader engaged. The most enjoyable part of this book is reading where the inspiration for the poem came from. Overall, this is a great book for poetry lovers or for someone looking to read easy, quick poetry.