The Christmas Secret

Movie Information
Rating: Excellent
Interest Level: Young Adult
Main Performers: Bethany Joy Lenz, John Readon, Susan Hogan
Director: Norma Bailey
Studio: Hallmark Movies and Mysteries
Year: 2014
Run Time: 94 minutes
MPAA Rating: G

Christine is a struggling single mother who is trying to do everything she can to take care of her two children. With Christmas just around the corner, an eviction notice, and a demanding ex-husband, Christine has a lot of worries on her mind. Jason is the grandson of a local gift shop owner on the brink of a big career change. His grandmother's life was recently saved by a mysterious woman and he is frantically searching for her so his grandmother can thank her, but the only information he knows is that her name is Christine. Lives come together, wishes are fulfilled and a joyful Christmas is celebrated when a family heirloom connects the dots and solves multiple mysteries.

A classic Hallmark feel-good Christmas film to be enjoyed by all viewers, The Christmas Secret captures hearts and minds with the holiday spirit. This film serves as a good reminder that Christmas is about giving and connecting with those around us. Themes of poverty around Christmas time are also explored, which brings to light the fact that not everyone has a merry Christmas but that the holidays are frequently a time of struggle. Meeting those struggles with positive attitudes and a willingness to serve those around you is what invites the Christmas spirit and therefore a merry Christmas no matter life's circumstances.