The End of Our Story

Book Information
Rating: Dependable
Reading/Interest Level: Young Adult
Author: Meg Haston
Publisher: HarperTeen
Year: 2017
ISBN: 9780062335777
Pages: 282

Bridget and Will have been important to each other for years, first as friends and then as boyfriend and girlfriend, until Bridget cheats on Will and shatters his heart. A year later when Will's father is murdered by a home intruder, Bridget rushes to help the friend who has now become like a stranger to her. The dark secrets in Will's past and the mistakes that both of them have made make it difficult for them to come together, but Bridget isn't willing to give up on the relationship they once had. As their stories weave together, Bridget and Will come together to face the past and try to find a brighter future even after tragedy and heartbreak, learning that people may not always be who you expect them to be.

The story line alternates between Bridget in the present day and Will in the past. The story has many surprising twists, making it difficult to discuss any part of the book without spoiling the story. There are many difficult topics in the story ranging from domestic violence to murder, but for the most part those difficult aspects are handled well. Although the book jacket indicates that it's a romantic story, it has far more drama and heavy things going on than just a fun romance. The story of Will's dad's death is much more developed than the romance is. The ending is open-ended, but in a way that makes the story feel unresolved and unsatisfying. After watching the characters struggle, not having a true ending is difficult for a book like that with so many dark twists and turns. Readers who enjoy reading about dark topics and don't need nicely resolved endings are more likely to enjoy this book than someone looking for a good romance.

*Contains moderate violence, severe language, and substance abuse.