The Hybrid Chronicles Book #3: Echoes of Us

Book Information
Rating: Outstanding
Reading/Interest Level: Primary, Intermediate
Author: Kat Zhang
Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers
Year: 2014
ISBN: 9780062114938
Pages: 354

Addie and Eva sneak into another institution to record and expose the government’s secrets to the public, hoping to put a stop to the unethical hybrid program. But they linger too long and are recognized by one of the doctors, barley escaping. They finally find help, but Eva realizes Addie isn't there with her: she has disappeared. Realizing she can't stop moving, Eva and her friend travel to find Eva’s family. They find her family and Eva realizes she has to put an end to all the confusion before she loses them again. When Addie finally wakes up, both girls are able to prove through the recordings they had taken of the institution that they are victims in the government’s terrible game. They are able to go home with their family, finally free from the government’s schemes.

Echoes of Us is a great conclusion for this exciting series. Zhang proves a powerful point that power easily corrupts those who let it consume them. The government, who is meant to represent and support justice and good, twists Eva's story to fit its agenda. However, not everyone is selfish and Eva learns to trust in the President and allow him to help her. Eva and Addie grow as character throughout these books and especially in this last installment. The girls learn that it takes a lot of work to make real changes, and those changes need to be thought through carefully for everyone’s safety. Zhang did a wonderful job of tying up all the loose ends while keeping the future open for the imagination. This series is a great read for anyone looking for an adventure.

*Contains mild language.