The Little Pink Rosebud

Book Information
Rating: Outstanding
Reading/Interest Level: Primary
Author: Sara Cone Bryant, Retold by Jennifer Shand
Illustrator: Sally Garland
Publisher: Flowerpot Press
Year: 2019
ISBN: 9781250134905
Pages: 32

This is a story about a little pink flower named Rosebud who lives underground, deep within the confines of the soil. Rosebud feels safe and secure there, unburdened by the annoyances and dangers of the outside world. One day the little pink Rosebud hears some obtrusive tapping on her dark and uninviting door. It’s Rain who wants desperately to come inside, but despite its soft and gentle attempts, the little flower turns it away to return to its homestead in the sky. Next, Sun comes to visit Rosebud. It has a soft and welcoming voice, but can’t entice the little flower either, and is sent back to where it came from up above the clouds. Finally, Rain and Sun decide to make the journey together to persuade the little tiny Rosebud to come out of her dreary home. When Rosebud finally concedes, the tiny flower discovers a whole new universe, one in which it can blossom and experience the growth that only the open horizons can provide!

Jennifer Shand does an extraordinary job of retelling this precious story! The Little Pink Rosebud was originally created by Sara Cone Bryant, and although it’s a picture book, it is appropriate for children of various ages, including those between the ages of 5 and 9. The reading level of this story is second to third grade. Not only is this adorable book filled with amazing illustrations that perfectly fit the mood of the text, it is full of meaning and conveys a message that is bound to touch the hearts of many young children. Having a willingness to explore, as well as openness to change is essential to proper development. This message is artfully and powerfully spoken through the text. With these elements children can achieve their greatest dreams and aspirations, a sentiment worth sharing with all youngsters!