The Littlest Pilgrim

Book Information
Rating: Excellent
Reading/Interest Level: Preschool
Author: Brandi Dougherty
Illustrator: Kirsten Richards
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Year: 2008
ISBN: 9780545053723
Pages: 28

Mini, the smallest pilgrim in the village, has always been good at looking for things she could to do to help with the village chores. One day, Mini decides to be extra helpful. She goes to different people in the village to see what she can help with: her brother making a woodpile, her sister mending some clothes, her mother making some bread, the village boys fishing in the river. But everyone says that Mini is too little to help. Mini is determined to find something special she can do. On her way back home, she decides to pick some berries for her family. Finally, the opportunity for Mini to do something special comes when she meets and befriends a little Native American girl the same size as her.

This book would be a tasteful addition to any library that caters to young children. It’s Pilgrim and Native American theme would most likely be enjoyed during the Thanksgiving season. The illustrations in this book are a wonderful depiction of what Mini’s world looks like. Readers and listeners may have a lot to talk about just looking at the pictures! Mini teaches us through her efforts that even the littlest person, with enough determination, can find something helpful and special to do. For Mini, it was finding a new friend in an unexpected place.