The Mediator #2: Ninth Key

Book Information
Rating: Excellent
Reading/Interest Level: Young Adult
Author: Meg Cabot
Publisher: Avon Books
Year: 2004
ISBN: 9780060725129
Pages: 304

Suze is finally adjusting to life in California with her new step-family. She’s even developed a friendship with Jesse, the ghost haunting her room, although Suze suspects her feelings for him may be a little more than friendship. But another ghost has taken to haunting Suze’s room recently. This ghost is desperate to get a message to Red, but before Suze can ask the ghost anything else she vanishes. Assuming the ghost means Red Beaumont--a wealthy business man with an extremely attractive son, Tad--Suze sets out to deliver the ghost’s message. Suze quickly discovers that something is not right in the Beaumont household. To make matters worse, the ghost reappears to tell her she has the wrong Red. Suze tells Tad about the suspicious behavior of his father the family business. Her confessions puts both her and Tad in danger as Tad’s uncle will stop at nothing to keep the business thriving. With a little help from the paranormal, Suze saves herself and Tad before finding the right Red and delivering the ghost’s final message.

Ninth Key continues the story of Susannah Simon with as much entertainment and excitement as Shadowland. The main action of this book happens just weeks after the first book concluded. This allows the reader to clearly see the ways Suze has adapted to moving across the country. As a character, Suze has a mostly positive outlook on life. While she frequently mentions the difference between New York and California, she focuses on what she enjoys about living in California. The book also shows how Suze slowly comes to accept her new family. It is clear that gaining a new father and brothers is much more difficult for Suze than moving across the country. Cabot does an incredible job at building the relationship between Suze and her step-family in a realistic way. This book is particularly relatable to anyone dealing with a difficult transition in their life.

*Contains mild language and violence.