The Nightmare Club: A Dog's Breakfast

The Nightmare Club - A Dog's Breakfast.jpg

Book Information
Rating: Excellent
Reading/Interest Level: Primary
Author: Annie Graves
Illustrator: Glenn Mcelhinney
Publisher: Darby Cree Publishing
Year: 2015
ISBN: 9781467760423
Pages: 64

It’s the Annual Halloween sleepover, which means it’s time to share the scariest story ever. Annie Graves hosts a yearly sleepover where her friends get together and try to scare each other. A Dog’s Breakfast is Nicola’s story about Glen. Glen is a mean, irritable, and rude classmate of Nicola’s who, on a class field trip, squished a snail and made a fairy very angry. Glen quickly learns that he shouldn't mess with fairies and that there are consequences for making others feel bad.

Annie Graves has created an easy to read, quality book for young readers. It’s a great beginning chapter book with large font, plenty of white space, and a lot of interesting illustrations. Children who have little experience reading chapter books will be able to easily follow the lines of text with the illustrations supporting their developmental ability to visualize what they’ve read. This book contains life lessons such as “it is easy for someone with no imagination to be bored” and can help children learn about manners, kindness, and consequences. It is also the perfect book to teach prediction, as the title and text include foreshadowing that can assist children in making accurate guesses. Graves has created the perfect bridge from picture books to chapter books, and included an engaging story that readers will love.