The Pirate Kids: A Spooky Day at Sea

The Pirate Kids A Spooky Day at Sea.jpg

Book Information
Rating: Dependable
Reading/Interest Level: Preschool
Author: Johanna Gohmann
Illustrator: Jessika Von Innerebner
Publisher: Essential Library
Year: 2018
ISBN: 9781532130403
Pages: 32

Percy and Piper are a brother and sister who live on a pirate ship. Their mom and dad are pirates. But just like most children, they are not fond of thunder. The sky begins to grow dark and the winds begin to howl; it’s not a great day to be at sea. Piper decides to tell Percy about the legend of the Sea Spirit. It only awakens on stormy days. Percy’s not taking any chances. The children go down below deck and hide in a closet. Somehow everything can seem more scary in the dark with thunder rumbling outside.

The idea of children pirates sounds exciting and full of adventure. Sadly enough, readers won’t get the same feeling from the book. The story line is a far cry from a typical swashbuckling, treasure-finding, walking-the-plank type of tale. The story is the exact opposite, showing the pirate children afraid of ordinary things like thunder. Perhaps that is the author’s point in writing this type of story. This new-reader novel is divided into chapters but is nothing like a chapter book. The chapter headings only seem to detract from the flow of the story rather than help break it up. All in all, this book could be a good choice for timid children, but for the rather adventurous it might be a bit of a disappointment.