The Prince and the Pee

The Prince and the Pee.jpg

Book Information
Rating: Outstanding
Reading/Interest Level: Preschool
Author: Greg Gormley
Illustrator: Chris Mould
Publisher: Nosy Crow
Year: 2017
ISBN: 9780763699161
Pages: 30

Prince Freddie is enjoying his vacation when his horse, Sir Rushington, informs him that a terrible dragon is attacking Castle Crumbly. They race off, but they haven't gone long when Prince Freddie realizes he needs to pee! They stop quickly so Prince Freddie can pee behind a boulder, but an ogre is there. They stop again to pee at a tree, but there's a terribly long line and they don't have time to wait. Foiled again and again, Prince Freddie is desperate when they finally reach the castle. He charges past the dragon and finally can pee, conveniently putting out the castle's fire.

The illustrations and text for this book are superb. The text is so funny and silly. All the situations Prince Freddie encounters are absurd and hilarious. This is greatly added to by the creative, expressive, and action-filled acrylic illustrations. The style feels classic for a medieval theme while remaining child-friendly. Some parents may disapprove of the brief page of irreverence at the end with Prince Freddie peeing on the fire. He is shown from behind with a clearly visible stream of pee putting out the fire. The remainder of the humor is typical childlike urgency about using the bathroom with a medieval twist. The production quality of this book is outstanding, so if a little irreverent potty humor doesn't scare you away, you should check it out.