The Sisters Grimm #6: Tales from the Hood

Book Information
Rating: Outstanding
Reading/Interest Level: Intermediate
Author: Michael Buckley
Illustrator: Peter Ferguson
Publisher: Amulet Books
Year: 2008
ISBN: 9780810989252
Pages: 274

Mr. Canis is arrested for his crimes as the Big Bad Wolf several hundred years ago. He is resigned to his fate, but Sabrina wants to help. The trial for The Big Bad Wolf is obviously rigged against him, but the Grimm Family refuses to give up. They learn what really happened to Little Red Riding Hood and prove Canis's innocence. They even manage to cure Red Riding Hood of her madness and extract the wolf from Canis's body. Meanwhile, the family races to find Goldilocks, the only person who can free their parents from the sleeping curse.

Tales from the Hood by Michael Buckley is the sixth installment in the The Sisters Grimm series. This story focuses on Sabrina's constant struggle of being judgmental. While Sabrina feels she is being rational, she ultimately learns she is also being unfair. Sabrina's character is always true to herself, and yet she never seems to progress time after time. Still, readers will relate to Sabrina as both encounter the constant struggle to make decisions in life. This novel has an incredibly interesting take on the Red Riding Hood fairy tale and the origins of The Big Bad Wolf.

*Contains mild violence.