The Smartest Animals: Elephants

Book Information
Rating: Excellent
Reading/Interest Level: Primary
Author: Tammy Gagne
Publisher: Abdo Publishing Company
Year: 2014
ISBN: 9781624031670
Pages: 48

Elephants are among the smartest animals. This book talks about how elephants use their intelligence to survive. Their intelligence allows them to live in herds, under direction of the matriarch and other adult females to teach calves how to behave. They communicate with other elephants, use their trunks as tools, help injured elephants survive, and have excellent memories. The book also talks about basic elephant facts like what they eat and what is threatening them in their natural habitats. A list of facts in the back tells more simple information about elephants, and a glossary can help readers who are learning new words.

This colorful book with high-quality pictures can help interest students in elephants and how intelligent these creatures are. The book includes activities to help students learn more and share their knowledge with others. There are websites for more information and quotes from researches with a writing prompt so that readers can practice thinking about the material. These features help this book support the Common Core State Standards for grades 3-6. While not an all-inclusive guide to elephants and how they live, this book is an excellent introduction to understanding the intelligence of these creatures.