The Truth About Fragile Things

Book Information
Rating: Excellent
Reading/Interest Level: Young Adult
Author: Regina Sirois
Publisher: Regina Sirois (self published)
Year: 2016
ISBN: 9781505407600
Pages: 319

High school junior Megan Riddick thrives while acting on the stage, but shuns the attention of the real world. Her dislike for reality started when Bryon Exby gave his life to save her when she was just two years old. All Megan and her family want to do is bury this secret and move on. But life is blown apart when Charlotte, Bryon’s daughter, moves into town. Charlotte stalks Megan until the two finally meet. Noting that Megan is not a threat, Charlotte admits that Bryon left an unfinished bucket list and she needs help completing it. Megan agrees and she reluctantly enlists her nosy best friend Phillip. As the three work together, a relationship blooms between Charlotte and Phillip while Megan and Phillip’s closeness fades. Nearing the end of the list, the three decide to add their own items to prolong the spirit of Bryon’s life and test their own courage. During this process, Megan finds a loving confidant in Braden, a boy who encourages Megan to find healing and forgiveness for Bryon’s death.

The Truth About Fragile Things is an emotional story riding on the wishes of a dead hero. Megan doesn’t know whether she has been worthy enough to be saved by Bryon Exby. So she plays her part being a dedicated student, faithful friend, loving daughter, and close sister. Playing these roles can be exhausting, so she hides away from life’s stage to renew her “happy face” until she can deal with it again. When Charlotte comes around, Megan’s reality mask cracks for all the world to see. Megan hastily attempts to paste over these cracks by subduing Charlotte’s needs. But as the process to live out Bryon’s wishes continues, Megan finds her true, radiant self and the courage to show it. A thought-provoking teen read for ages thirteen and up.