Book Information
Rating: Outstanding
Reading/Interest Level: Intermediate, Young Adult
Author: Sarah McGuire
Publisher: Egmont Publishing
Year: 2015
ISBN: 9781606845523
Pages: 368

Saville and her father, a tailor, move to the kingdom of Reggen, which is being threatened by giants and a duke claiming to be the heir to the throne. When her father becomes ill, Saville disguises herself as a boy and convinces King Eldin to hire her as tailor. As the giants get closer, the King Eldin offers his sister’s hand in marriage to anyone who can defeat them. To rescue a homeless boy, Saville tricks the scouting giants, which convinces the people of Reggen that she is “the champion” who will defeat the immortal duke. When King Eldin and Lord Verras discover her disguise, they panic to find a “real” champion. To save the kingdom, Saville and Lord Verras search history and legends to find out more about the duke and giants. In the end, Saville, Lord Verras, and Will, the homeless boy, discover a way to defeat the duke and befriend the giants.

This coming-of-age fairy tale is a re-telling of The Brave Little Tailor with a gender twist. Saville is challenged throughout the story with difficult circumstances she must overcome. She is flawed, clever, fiery, and relatable as she navigates relationships with her demeaning father, the dutiful Lord Verras, and the charming homeless boy, Will. She grows from a disgruntled daughter to a beloved champion. There are many dynamic secondary characters who evolve as their circumstances are revealed. Difficult positions uncover people's true natures. This book will delight readers looking for adventure, battles, magic, legends, friendship, and a little romance. There is some violence and gruesome aspects in battles with the giants and duke. This captivating novel is beautifully written to show that true champions emerge when truth and courage are put to the test.

Contains moderate violence.