When Giants Come to Play

When Giants Come to Play.jpg

Book Information
Rating: Outstanding
Reading/Interest Level: Preschool, Primary
Author: Andrea Beaty
Illustrator: Kevin Hawkes
Publisher: Abrams
Year: 2006
ISBN: 9780810957596
Pages: 32

On particularly special summer days, giants come to the farm to play with Anna. There are all kinds of games that you can play with giants. When they play hide and seek, Anna hides in a pocket. The giants are very easygoing compared to the giants that you read about in fairy tales. They are so much fun and so laid back that Anna hopes that they will stay and play forever.

This is a perfect story for those summer days when a child might imagine that a giant might just show up. The entire story has an easy-breezy summer feel that is enhanced by the bright and comical illustrations. The incongruousness of ginormous friends is worth pondering on each and every page if a reader wants to see every bit of humor packed into the artwork. The book is very well done and readers of all ages will appreciate the mood and the message that friends are fun, no matter what their size.