When Life Gives You Demons

When Life Gives Demons.jpg

Book Information
Rating: Dependable
Reading/Interest Level: Intermediate, Young Adult
Author: Jennifer Honeybourn
Publisher: Swoon Reads
Year: 2018
ISBN: 9781250158239
Pages:   272

Shelby misses her mom who left for Italy without saying goodbye. They had a stupid fight and now they can’t fix things. Uncle Roy, a Catholic priest and exorcist has begun to train Shelby to exorcise demons, but she isn’t having much success. Then she discovers that her mom isn’t really in Italy, and it seems that her uncle doesn't really believe that she has the gift. In the middle of that drama, she exorcises a demon on the Ferris wheel, thus revealing that she is an exorcist to her crush. Has she lost him forever? No! He's a demon hunter and part of a demon team. They band together to find Shelby's missing mother, close the mouth of Hell, and find true love.

The plot is okay and the pace is appropriate. Shelby is likable and realistic but not any deeper than a teenage exorcist is likely to be. At times she is a little too angsty about her training for someone who is dependent on an uncle who is her only family at the present time. As indicated in other reviews, this book has a heavy Buffy vibe, but is not as sharp and well written as Buffy and her slaying friends. The sarcasm and badinage do not compare with the zing of Joss Whedon, and the ending of the book is rushed and unsatisfying. That said, if your teen is into the paranormal and want something easy and quick, this would be a dependable choice.