Who Wants Broccoli?

Book Information
Rating: Excellent
Reading/Interest Level: Primary
Author: Val Jones
Publisher: HarperCollins
Year: 2015
ISBN: 9780062303516
Pages: 40

The Beezley’s Animal Shelter is home to many homeless pets, including a dog named Broccoli. Mr. and Mrs. Beezley kindly take care of each of the animals every day. Broccoli can be a handful at times, but the Beezley’s always say that each pet will find a loving owner someday. Broccoli always shows off for people who come in, but sometimes gets himself in to trouble. Broccoli is confined to the backroom after spilling water all over the storefront when Oscar comes to the animal shelter to pick out the dog he has been longing for. In the end, one of Broccoli’s quirks helps Oscar to find him and they are the perfect match.

A perfect book to read aloud to young listeners, this book features a single mom and her son. Children might learn new concepts and phrases, like “a hodgepodge of pets” and “There’s a lid for every pot and a pot for every lid,” referring to all pets finding an owner. Children will experience a new perspective as they experience life through a dog’s eyes. Pet lovers will love this book and be reminded of the moment they found their perfect pet. The illustrations in the book are colorful and depict the animal shelter and the elderly couple who run it realistically. If children look closely, they will find cute advertisements in the animal shelter for a “hare dresser”, a poster about a “Dog Gone” and an ad for “bird watching”. Who Wants Broccoli? is a cute, heartwarming story.